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Our Story

My Name is Paula and I am Nurse at Southside Hospital in Long Island, New York. I have worked as a Nurse for over 30 years . During that time, I have also worked as a craft vendor in my spare time. While my true passion is helping others, the craft business is my sanity especially in such a crazy times. I started off with local craft fairs and school fairs. My business then migrated to shopping malls in both Long Island & Staten Island. I am located at the Broadway Mall in Hicksville, New York every year for the month of December. Since the recent COVID-19 Pandemic, small businesses such as mine have been impacted tremendously. Malls are closed, craft shows are postponed, and many people are struggling to stay afloat. So if you have the opportunity to help a small business, please try to! Shop local to help our community.

I am new to the online world, so I teamed up with my daughter Jessica to expand my online business. When my daughter is not studying for school or taking care of her son, she’s marketing and working hard to help me expand this business. Many of our products are hand made - such as our glass pieces and metal ornaments. Other’s are produced by a company I work with. All Swarovski Crystal items are tarnish resistant and plated with 24k Gold. All of our items are completely sanitized and handled with caution before shipping/delivery. If you have any questions please reach out! Jessica & I are excited to start this new journey together!